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Are you currently trying to find something to include in your backyard to change the look? Conceivably you've been thinking about buying a new pool, but maybe you should consider planting a vegetable instead. It's a fantastic way to do some physical work in the quiet of your yard, giving you a good way to relieve some of your stress. Not just that, but the extra food is going to help your budget, and the vegetables are good for your family's health.

Being able to lower your food expenses in these difficult financial times is always a plus. Your own garden most likely is not too large, and the vegetables you grow, might not feed your family completely, but it certainly will help. Think about how great it is to not have to constantly run to the store to buy vegetables. With good planning and preservation, you can even grow enough vegetables to feed your family for a full year. It is obvious that most children would prefer not to have veggies, but you can change that by starting them early enough on homegrown vegetables, and get them used to eating good vegetables.

You can expect your children to fuss about eating vegetables but try to explain how much work you have done to help them have healthy food. Get your youngsters to come out and help you, or furnish each of your children their own part of the garden to grow their own food. Let each individual child select their favorite vegetable and then show them how to grow it themselves. If you happen to do it properly, you can also instruct your children in the well being value of growing and eating fresh vegetables. One problem that causes many individuals to fall ill is the bad quality, nutrient-deficient soil that exists in most areas. By taking good care to supplement your dirt with nutrients, your family will experience better health.

By growing and eating fresh vegetables through your own garden, you will be getting lots of fiber as well as potassium and vitamins. You digestive system and bowels require plenty of fiber to be able to work correctly. It's going to decrease the bad cholesterol in your body, keep away specific cancers, and deal with heart disease, as well. For this reason, you might want to raise some carrots, spinach, cabbage, or peas. Cultivating tomatoes, celery along with potatoes will supply potassium, which will help keep your blood pressure at the right level, along with the normal function of muscles or the brain. You can get vitamins and minerals your body requires by means of planting various vegetables.

onducted at Sanam Luang, in which farmers believe, is able to forecast the abundance of the next rice crop. The event is a result of a series of ceremonies that are conducted by Phraya Raek Na, portrayed by a highranking official from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives who wears colourful traditional costumes. This ceremony was reintroduced in by King Bhumibol Adulyadej and is considered the official commencement of the ricegrowing season.

To display their loyalty and to honour Queen Sirikit on the occasion of her royal birthday, the Thai people decorate their houses and public buildings. Around Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the area around the Grand Palace and other wellknown locations are bedecked with coloured lights and magnificent adornments.

The King and Queen preside over this impressive annual event, held in the Royal Plaza near the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn. Dressed in colourful uniforms, amid much pomp and ceremony, members of the elite Royal Guards swear allegiance to the King and march past members of the Royal Family.

There is an average of four million readers for more than Bangkok based newspapers, one of which, Thai Rath, sells over a million copies a day.

Bangkok also has two major Englishlanguage dailies, the Bangkok Post and The Nation and the new freesheet, The Daily Xpress. The Asian Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune are printed in Bangkok and have high distribution numbers. There are also a number of weekly publications normally published on Fridays that deal with political issues. Other publications, such as lifestyle and entertainment magazines are also plentiful.

Many gossip and fashion magazines are also published in Bangkok, especially after the launch of the Bangkok Fashion City project in . Since then, United Broadcasting Corporation UBC, or now True Visions, the Thai cable operator, has launched a new channel devoted to Thai fashion as well as a Thai edition of E Entertainment television.

Chalerm Krung Theater and the National Theater have been in operation since the early th century whereas the newer Thailand Cultural Center hosts a variety of plays and events.

Bangkok has dozens of cinema multiplexes, and the city hosts two major film festivals annually, the Bangkok International Film Festival and the World Film Festival of Bangkok. Art link

The arts in Bangkok have well developed almost exclusively and anonymously in the services of Theravada Buddhism since the golden age in Ayutthaya period and continuing to the present day by incorporating Western elements which is called the Rattanakosin or Bangkok style. Nowadays, the modern art scene is centered around Bangkok as the capital of contemporary art in the region, while traditional art can be found in many commercial areas in the old city as well as temples and palaces throughout the city. There are also a number of artists who prefer to live and work outside the metropolis. The number of artists is constantly on the rise, so an increasing variety of works are available on the art market. Many art galleries in Bangkok tend to sell work restricted to traditional rural motifs. The artists creating this type of art are often influenced by traditional Buddhist beliefs and motifs, and are popular among the general Thai public. Nevertheless, some Thai artists are breaking away from these norms by addressing more controversial issues in their work, for example the loss of traditional values and the obsession with money in todays society.

Bangkok is home to the National Gallery of Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art and Thailand Creative Design Center as well as many other museums, concert halls, theatres, and art galleries. It is home to the Thailand Cultural Centre and the National Theatre. Sport link

Modern sports have been introduced to the people of Bangkok dating back a century by King Chulalongkorn. Horse racing followed by golf began in Bangkok over years ago when the king bestowed land for the first race course. The objective of His Majesty was to introduce and promote the quality of horse racing and breeding in Thailand, while providing sporting facilities of international standards for Thailand. Today, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the capital and one of the most famous sport events in the region. Bangkok has hosted the Asian Games four times, in , , and . Bangkok was also the host of the first SEA Games in and Summer Universiade in .

Bangkoks popular modern sports are football, golf, bowling and horse racing. The city has many famous football clubs such as Bangkok United F.C., BEC Tero Sasana F.C. with a number of international class football stadiums as well as many golf courses and bowling alleys throughout the city. The popular traditional sports are Muay Thai. Fights can be seen in two major boxing stadiums in the city Rajadamnern Stadium along with Lumpini Stadium, Takraw, which is played in open spaces throughout the city, and kite fighting, which is easy to see in the centre of the old city. Sanam Luang, on the north side of Wat Phra Kaew, is transformed each year around February from a sedate little patch of greenery in the midst of a concrete jungle into an ongoing kite festival as locals come to the park to practice the art of flying kites.

Bangkok features a number of sports clubs including the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, Royal Turf Club of Bangkok, Krungthep Kreetha Sports Club, Rajapruk Sport Club North Park, Royal Thai Police Sports Club, Piyarom Sports Club, Southerners Sports Club and the British Club, which was established in Bangkok in .

Bangkok has several concentration areas of people of foreign origin. Yaowarat Road is the home of Bangkoks sizable Chinatown, while those of Indian ethnicity have congregated around Pahurat Road. At the West End of Silom Road was the first European community in Bangkok called the old Farang Quarter. The Portuguese Embassy operates from and was the first embassy to be established in the capital, with their community around the Santa Cruz Church on the Thonburi side. The Haroon Mosque, a small, attractive stucco building is used by the local Muslim population. The French Embassy was the second to be established in the area within walking distance from the Assumption cathedral, one of the biggest building in the area, still serving the community. Along Sukhumvit Road communities of Japanese are around Phrom Phong, Koreatown can be found around Asok Station and the nearby Nana Station is dense with Arab and African cultures and food, Little Africa neighborhood can be found here. Urban lifestyle link

Many residents leave town on weekends to visit seaside resorts such as Hua Hin, Chaam, and Pattaya. Others return home to visit elderly relatives in Isan and the northern provinces. Saturday is somewhat considered a work day to many of the residents of Bangkok.

Religion does not play a very influential role in the capital as it would compared to other cities. However, a good proportion of the population remains devout and offers daily alms to the monks who walk their neighbourhoods. Muslims are often either assimilated entirely by the Thai or live in remote parts of the city such as the Nong Chok district where traditional Thai Muslims still live. Current issues link

Bangkok has long been notorious for its massive traffic jams, which are still a serious problem. The recent construction of the elevated secondlevel, thirdlevel and fourthlevel expressways, many tunnels and flyovers, BTS and MRT systems, four new SRT lines and BRT Bangkok has eased some of the congestion along specific corridors, but has done little to alleviate overall congestion. The major reason is the continued popularity of private automobiles, and extensive consumer credit for automobile purchases.

Environmental issues such as air pollution, a large part of which is caused by the traffic and dirt left on streets from construction projects, was a major problem. Industrial pollution has also contributed to poor air and water quality. Though sulfur dioxide and ozone levels have fallen substantially, PM particulate matter still exceeds health standards in some areas. However, the large volume of trash in the canals must be cleaned out by other means. Mold growth is ubiquitous in Bangkok, as the wet tropical climate makes it grow, and many residents simply ignore it.

As in many other Asian cities, the sale of illegally copied copyrightprotected material, mostly software and DVD movies, is widespread in Bangkok, but technically illegal. Crime link

Foreign residents and tourists alike complain of widespread scams and blatant price gouging. Elaborate gem store scams, involving earning the trust of a shopper by a westerner who is in cooperation with local merchants, have robbed tourists of thousands of dollars,

although overcharging is more of a common occurrence. Commissionbased profiteering is common for restaurants, hotels, and other kinds of businesses. The Tourist Police lack police powers and are largely responsible for writing out reports for insurance companies for victims of theft. In more serious cases, they will translate reports to be passed on to the regular police in Bangkok. Also, despite stringent drug laws, the illegal drug trade continues to thrive. Free Chat Rooms - Teen Chat, Adult Chat, s Chat, Cyber Chat and alot 5atdee2e

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Freewebcamsexvideo abet5cbd GRqTrerpo76 St. Petersburg in figures International and Interregional Ties. . . Retrieved June .

Agreement of Sister City Relations. . httpoffice.bangkok.go.thiadengviewpage.phppageid . Retrieved June .

Istanbul and Bangkok Become Sister Cities. . httphaber.turk.netENGgenIstanbulandBangkokBecomeSisterCities . Retrieved February .

This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiBangkok

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It Requires More Than A Great Diet To Achieve Weight Loss

There are individuals around the globe who wind up choosing program such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig in an attempt to start dropping the pounds that the need to lose. There a lot of people that would make use of these programs for a couple of months and end up giving up simply because they're not reaching their goals as quickly as they wanted to. Just so there are no misconceptions you need to comprehend that these programs can be successful for people when they realize that the have to do much more than just eat right. For people looking for much more than just a weight loss plan we are going to be discussing a number of the steps you can take on top of a good weight loss plan in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

One of the first things you are going to do if you want to attain your weight loss goals is to quit drinking diet sodas and also coffee and start drinking only water. You need to comprehend that you end up with toxic elements inside your body each day and by drinking a large amount of water you will be flushing these out of your system. You're going to find that these toxic compounds which are in your body actually hinder how your body processes the nutrition that it receives. You're going to have a much easier time shedding weight when your body is actually receiving the proper nutrition and by getting rid of these toxins inside your body you can accomplish this.

The next thing you are going to have to do is to start getting some exercise since this is going to be very important with your weight loss goals. Many people do not realize this but they must burn off more calories than the take in each day and exercise may be the only way you are going to have the ability to accomplish this. Another thing I would like to mention is that if you compare 1 pound of fat to 1 pound of muscle, you're going to find that the muscle will burn off more calories in every day than a pound of fat.

Many men and women are considered obese and for those people it is not a smart idea to start investing hours a day exercising as this could result in various kinds of health risks. You can begin getting your exercise each day by simply doing 5 or 10 sit up's and pushups each and every morning and at night, and going for a 1/2 hour walk somewhere during the day. It is additionally advisable to start increasing your workouts as you go along, because the more exercises you end up doing every day the more calories you are going to wind up burning and the more fat you will end up losing.

If you have been following a steady diet but have been unable to drop some weight, try implementing what we have advised in this post and you'll probably start seeing results almost immediately. It all boils down to whether or not you want to lose some weight and what you're willing to do in order to achieve this.

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Chat de en gratis mexico sexo visit the next post GRqTrerpo76 Towards the early s, the BBS industry became so popular that it spawned three monthly magazines, Boardwatch, BBS Magazine, and in Asia and Australia, Chips n Bits Magazine which devoted extensive coverage of the software and technology innovations and people behind them, and listings to US and worldwide BBSes.
In addition, in the USA, a major monthly magazine, Computer Shopper, carried a list of BBSes along with a brief abstract of each of their offerings.
According to the FidoNet Nodelist, BBSes reached their peak usage around , which was the same period that the World Wide Web suddenly became mainstream. BBSes rapidly declined in popularity thereafter, and were replaced by systems using the Internet for connectivity. Some of the larger commercial BBSes, such as MaxMegabyte and ExecPC BBS, evolved into Internet Service Providers.
The website serves as an archive that documents the history of the BBS. The historical BBS list on contains over , BBSes that have existed over a span of years in North America alone. The owner of, Jason Scott, also produced BBS The Documentary, a DVD film that chronicles the history of the BBS and features interviews with wellknown people mostly from the United States from the heyday BBS era. Software and hardware edit source edit
Unlike modern websites and online services that are typically hosted by thirdparty companies in commercial data centers, BBS computers especially for smaller boards were typically operated from the SysOps home. As such, access could be unreliable, and in many cases only one user could be on the system at a time. Only larger BBSs with multiple phone lines using specialized hardware, multitasking software, or a LAN connecting multiple computers, could host multiple simultaneous users.
nb quite often written or customized by the SysOps themselves, running on early S microcomputer systems such as the Altair, IMSAI and Cromemco under the CPM operating system. Soon after, BBS software was being written for all of the major home computer systems of the late s era the Apple II, Atari, Commodore and TRS being some of the most popular.
A few years later, in , IBM introduced the first DOS based IBM PC, and due to the overwhelming popularity of PCs and their clones, DOS soon became the operating system on which the majority of BBS programs were run. RBBSPC, ported over from the CPM world, and Fido BBS, created by Tom Jennings who later founded FidoNet were the first notable DOS BBS programs. There were many successful commercial BBS programs developed for DOS, such as PCBoard BBS, RemoteAccess BBS, and Wildcat BBS. Some popular freeware BBS programs for MSDOS included Telegard BBS and Renegade BBS, which both had early origins from leaked WWIV BBS source code. There were several dozen other BBS programs developed over the DOS era, and many were released under the shareware concept, while some were released as freeware including iniquity.
During the mids, many sysops opted for the less expensive, ubiquitous Commodore introduced in , which became popular among software pirate groups. Popular commercial BBS programs were Blue Board, Ivory BBS, Color and CNet . In the early s a small number of BBSes were also running on the Commodore Amiga models , and using external hard drives, and the Amiga , Amiga and Amiga which had builtin hard drives. Popular BBS software for the Amiga were ABBS, Amiexpress, CNet, StormforceBBS, Infinity and Tempest
disambiguation needed. There was also a small faction of devoted Atari BBSes that used the Atari , then the XL, and eventually the ST.
MSDOS continued to be the most popular operating system for BBS use up until the mids, and in the early years most multinode BBSes were running under a DOS based multitasker such as DESQview or consisted of multiple computers connected via a LAN. Around , OS came out with preemptive multitasking of DOS, an alternative to DESQview for multinode BBS. In the late s, a handful of BBS developers implemented multitasking communications routines which, although run under MSDOS, allowed multiple phone lines and multiple users to connect to the same physical BBS computer. These included Galacticomms MajorBBS later WorldGroup, eSoft TBBS, and Falken. Though most BBS software had been written in BASIC or Pascal with some lowlevel routines written in assembly language, the C language was starting to gain popularity.
By , many of the DOSbased BBSes had begun switching to modern multitasking operating systems, such as OS, Windows , and Linux. TCPIP networking allowed most of the remaining BBSes to evolve and include Internet hosting capabilities. Recent BBS software, such as Synchronet, Mystic BBS, EleBBS, DOC or Wildcat BBS provide access using the Telnet protocol rather than dialup, or by using legacy MSDOS based BBS software with a FOSSILtoTelnet redirector such as NetFoss. Presentation edit source edit
BBSes were generally textbased, rather than GUIbased, and early BBSes conversed using the simple ASCII character set. However, some home computer manufacturers extended the ASCII character set to take advantage of the advanced color and graphics capabilities of their systems. BBS software authors included these extended character sets in their software, and terminal program authors included the ability to display them when a compatible system was called. Ataris native character set was known as ATASCII, while most Commodore BBSes supported PETSCII. PETSCII was also supported by the nationwide online service Quantum Link.
The use of these custom character sets was generally incompatible between manufacturers. Unless a caller was using terminal emulation software written for, and running on, the same type of system as the BBS, the session would simply fall back to simple ASCII output. For example, a Commodore user calling an Atari BBS would use ASCII rather than the machines native character set. As time progressed, most terminal programs began using the ANSI standard, but could use their native character set if it was available.
COCONET, a BBS system made by Coconut Computing, Inc., was released in and only supported a GUI no text interface was initially available but eventually became available around , and worked in EGAVGA graphics mode, which made it stand out from the textbased BBS systems. COCONETs bitmap and vector graphics and support for multiple type fonts were inspired by the PLATO system, and the graphics capabilities were based on what was available in the Borland BGI graphics library. A number of companies wanted Coconut Computing to freely give away its COCONET communications protocol specification and GUI technology, but the company did not do so. According to the companys founder, Brian Dear, no company ever requested to license the technology, they all wanted Coconut to give it away for free. As a result, a competing approach called Remote Imaging Protocol RIP emerged and was promoted by Telegrafix in the early to mids but it never became widespread. A similar technology called NAPLPS was also considered, and although it became the underlying graphics technology behind the Prodigy service, it never gained popularity in the BBS market.
There were several GUIbased BBSes on the Apple Macintosh platform, including TeleFinder and FirstClass, but these remained widely used only in the Mac market. The first BBS using the Apple Macintosh platform was the Austin Arts BBS, which was a dialup system developed by Bill Hood of the School of Screenprinting in . The Computerized Bulletin Board System supplied news to the arts and screen printing community not only in Austin, Texas where it was based, but to the world.
The small BBS was the first to market to an industry screen printing. It was also the first BBS to produce audio for its visitors, broadcasting news about screen printing and music in a prerecorded method in what was the precursor to Internet Radio.
In the UK, the BBC Micro based OBBS software, available from Pace for use with their modems, optionally allowed for colour and graphics using the Teletext based graphics mode available on that platform. Other systems used the Viewdata protocols made popular in the UK by British Telecoms Prestel service, and the online magazine Micronet whom were busy giving away modems with their subscriptions.
The most popular form of online graphics was ANSI art, which combined the IBM Extended ASCII character sets blocks and symbols with ANSI escape sequences to allow changing colors on demand, provide cursor control and screen formatting, and even basic musical tones. During the late s and early s, most BBSes used ANSI to make elaborate welcome screens, and colorized menus, and thus, ANSI support was a soughtafter feature in terminal client programs. The development of ANSI art became so popular that it spawned an entire BBS artscene subculture devoted to it.
The Amiga Skyline BBS software was the first in featuring a script markup language communication protocol called Skypix which was capable to give the user a complete graphical interface, featuring rich graphic content, changeable fonts, mousecontrolled actions, animations and sound.
Today, most BBS software that is still actively supported, such as Worldgroup, Wildcat BBS and CitadelUX, is Webenabled, and the traditional text interface has been replaced or operates concurrently with a Webbased user interface. For those more nostalgic for the true BBS experience, one can use NetSerial Windows or DOSBox Windowsnix to redirect DOS COM port software to telnet, allowing them to connect to Telnet BBSes using s and s era modem terminal emulation software, like Telix, Terminate, Qmodem and Procomm Plus. Modern bit terminal emulators such as mTelnet and SyncTerm include native telnet support. Content and access edit source edit
Since early BBSes were frequently run by computer hobbyists, they were typically technical in nature with user communities revolving around hardware and software discussions. Many SysOps were transplants of the amateur radio community and thus amateur and packet radio were often popular topics.


Health Checks Everyone Should Do Often

There are a lot of people who refuse to visit a doctor until they feel so sick that they are concerned they can't look after themselves anymore. The truth is that you can have an improved chance of curing or totally preventing some illnesses simply by keeping better track of your health. This means that, even though you feel good, you need to check out quite a few things regularly. Here are a few of the important health checks that need to be performed regularly.

Nobody is too old to have his / her height assessed. There is a reason that, when you visit your doctor (no matter the type you may be seeing), you are requested to stand against the height chart on the wall. As individuals grow older they seriously do shrink. They shed about a half an inch during every decade after they turn forty. After somebody gets to the age of seventy, this amount increases. If you happen to be shedding more than that or are losing height before you turn forty this may be a sign of osteoporosis or other health problems. This is the reason that you need to watch your height really closely, even if you only gauge your height in your own home.

You must monitor your blood pressure. Blood pressure is a factor in many things such as strokes, heart attacks, hypertension and other sorts of health risks. It is essential to keep your blood pressure low--not unhealthfully low, of course, but inside a good range for your age, height and weight. Ask your medical professional what your best blood pressure numbers need to be and then check routinely to make sure that you are staying on track. Almost every single grocery store and pharmacy has a blood pressure checker that is either free or extremely cheap to use to test your pressure. If the numbers don't look right to you, consult your doctor what you should do for getting back to normal (and to find out what is making your numbers change). Keeping your blood pressure in a wholesome range will help you stop all sorts of problems.

Check your hearing a great deal. Hearing loss is a thing we typically don�t begin to notice until it is too late. Hearing loss frequently contributes to feelings of isolation and can be a first indicator of cognitive function loss and other psychological issues. Take part in the no cost screenings if they are offered in your area and ask your doctor to do routine checks when you're in in for a check up. This helps you understand when it is time to make use of preventative measures and when you can begin taking steps to preserve the hearing you currently have.

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Losing A Few Pounds Is Essential For Men And Women But Diet Is Often Not Enough

With regards to losing a few pounds you are going to discover that plenty of individuals will wind up joining Weight Watchers or some other kind of weight loss program with the hopes of losing the weight they want to lose. There plenty of people who would utilize these programs for a couple of months and end up giving up mainly because they are not reaching their goals as quickly as they wanted to. Just so there aren't any misconceptions you need to understand that these kinds of programs can be successful for folks when they understand that the have to do more than just eat right. For people looking for much more than just a diet plan we are going to be talking about a number of the things you can do on top of a good weight loss program to be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

I'm sure you've been told that you need to have to drink a lot of water when you're trying to lose some weight but it is additionally important to remove coffee and other beverages from your diet. You need to realize that you end up with toxic elements in your body everyday and by drinking a huge amount of water you are going to be flushing these out of your system. These toxic compounds that you can find within your body will wind up blocking a lot of the nutrition that your body receives so it will not be working correctly. After you remove the toxic buildup inside your body you are going to discover that simply because your body is acquiring the proper nutrition you'll have the ability of shedding weight faster.

The next thing you're going to need to do is to start getting some exercise because this is going to be very important with your weight loss goals. Many individuals do not understand this but they must burn up more calories than the take in each day and exercise might be the only way you're going to have the ability to achieve this. Just having muscle within your body will help you burn off more calories each day mainly because it takes more calories for that muscle to function properly than it does for fat to function.

I don't mean to imply the you ought to begin working out in a gym for hours on end since this is a thing that could come with various health risks if you're extremely overweight. For people who do not have the ability to get in a good workout, you should comprehend that taking a walk and doing some sit up's and pushups every day will be a good place to begin. Obviously when you start achieving your weight loss goals and getting in better shape you should begin increasing the quantity of exercising that you do every day in order to speed up your weight loss.

There will also be some other informativefun things on Mt. Olympus during the conference for those participating.

PLEASE NOTE Requests may or may not be made due to the appointments. This is up to the agent. But the feedback will be priceless, no doubt.

More on who the participating agents are and what theyre looking for coming soon Dont worry, Ill have a tentative list before the first submission window opens.

The funds donated will go to two places. Funds from auctionedagentdonated items will go to donate books to the local public library here. As Ive mentioned, I just discovered it is quite sad And Im also hoping to do something special for Cupids Love my hubby. Hes been very supportive, patient, and understanding this past year as Ive been very busy here. He deserves a big thank you

Of course, you do not have to participate in any of these events if you dont want to or cant donate. Not all contests here on CLC have entry fees. Although, this is the biggest and the funnest CLC event of the year. Might as well put all this worktimepassionfun to a good cause, right

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There will be judges called Kissing Experts that will choose their favorite kissing scene entries. These finalist entries will go up on the blog for vote. This may or may not be open to public vote. I hate for it to turn into a popularity contest. The top three will get a pass into the agent round. If theyve already made it through, theyll receive another prize. The winners will be announced on Valentines Day

moving the entries onto the blog. Cuz you know, when you do hundreds of entries....THATS A LOT

Your Name This is important If I have to go back and find your original email, this is almost IMPOSSIBLE without this info in the subject

Please understand this will be a TON of work for me and many of the things Im doing are new. So please have patience with me. Im sorry if everything doesnt work out the way you think it should or would like it to. I really do try my best to make sure everyone has fun and we get as much success as possible.

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Your youngsters can have a safe and secure experience on the computer thanks to technology. By putting a ceiling on the accessibility of some of the sites on the web, either by you or software, you will be able to feel more comfortable about your children going online. Net Nanny and Bsafe are just two of the many products that are available to help you manage the limitations your kids have when they are internet surfing. You most certainly cannot hover over your child constantly, but are surely leery of what they might be accessing on the web, by managing the usage of the internet on every PC in the home; you have given your kids an added degree of stability. Ensuring your kids know enough to not go out and meet people from the internet in public is important. This may seem very obvious to you, but it may not be so obvious to young children who are new to the internet. Also they should never talk to strangers in private, be it on the internet (like in a private chat room) or by the phone. Predators on the internet tend to target kids in chatrooms that are public, then they'll try and lure them to a more private setting, be it offline or online. Tell your children to inform you about this kind of behavior straight away, especially if they say to the kids to not say anything to their parents. Younger kids, in particular, have to be spoken to regarding these things.

Instant messaging can pose one of the biggest dangers online for children. You might receive an IM from whom you thought was another kid, and find out it was an online predator. The problem with the internet is being able to find the right security measures for watching over your children. Blocking instant messaging can be done by installing software on all of the computers you need protected. Friends that have been approved giving them limited chatting is an option you can get with other products. Forbidding your children from doing anything, like doing IMs is a good way to get your children to do things behind your back and then lie to you, so finding another way would be better. Being aware of who your child is chatting with, is the most important point.

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Do you have numbers regarding the amount of time that the average user is spending online in these worlds
I actually dont track that metric right now. Though I will say that generally, what weve found is of our paying member base, users very rarely quit. So from that standpoint, they seem like they might be using it quite a bit, because theyre not inclined to cancel their memberships.
Well, I dont think they need any glorification from us. Theyre pretty high profile. Certainly, I think it adds a new dimension and another choice for consumers. I say its analogous, for example, to a woman who is bicurious. She may not want to experience her first sexual encounter with another woman live and inperson, so we introduced this process as a way to experiment online, and it was really well received. Many women are saying they tried out their first lesbian encounter this way. This is sort of the same type of thing. A lot of people who would be concerned about doing a drug as potent as ecstacy in real life, but dont want to go their whole life having missed out on this type of cultural experience, this is an opportunity for people to experiment in safe environment.
Yes. This is hard to grasp before youve spent a significant amount of time in a virtual world. Conversation abruptly ends. Shuster calls back.
Yes, I suspect that thats one of your United States law enforcement agencies deciding that they dont like this discussion laughs. What happens is, when you experience that immersion, those experiences really start to feel real. There was initially a lot of concern, as we were launching with the sex component, that it wouldnt seem like a real experience, and therefore wouldnt be successful. We found quite the opposite, in fact. Users really come away from the sexual experiences, feeling like theyve been intimate with somebody. The same really holds true for the drugs. When youre inhabiting the avatar, your brain really feels that its real beyond what we portray on the screen, you really start to experience these drug effects. With ecstacy in particular, weve nailed it, and its going to become better and better as the technology improves. But even now, the drugs are remarkably effective.
You mentioned the possibility of adding other drugs in the future. Are there any that you wouldnt add
Thats another good question. There may be drugs that we have trouble replicating the effects. Its easier for us to replicate hallucinogens, for example, than stimulants or depressants. I can say that we dont have any plans in the works to replicate any drugs outside of hallucinogens or minor stimulants.
You know, I dont intend to put heroin out there, though I cant say definitively yes or no, depending on the feedback and demand.
Really, depending on how the results of everything play out. For example, were investigating, right now, using the Red Light Center software as a tool to help people quit smoking, as an adjunct to using standard techniques, such as a patch. The theory is that, if every time someone who is trying to quit smoking, instead of going out and smoking a reallife cigarette, they instead log on and smoke a virtual cigarette, it takes the social component of smoking a cigarette, and helps break it. Depending on how these trials play out, it may be of real value to add in a methodone or even a heroin solution. Its more than just what the marketplace bearswe look at this more holistically, as a lifestyle replacement.
I dont know that Id agree with that assessment. First of all, my personal opinion is that gateway is just a huge fallacy. Theres no such thing as a gateway drug. But even to the extent that one would want to argue that this could be a gateway, my response would be, that if someone hasnt tried marijuana in the real world, and their first experience is with peer pressure in Red Light Center to try it, this actually gives them an experience that they can call on later as to whether they want to try it in the real world, or not, rather than just being carried away by peer pressure. Because the first time that theyre exposed to this is in a situation where theyre being told to take a hit on a joint, they can instead recollect that theyve had this experience multiple times, and they dont want to try it, or they do want to try it, in the real world.
Obviously, there will be a negative side to all of these experiences, in the real world. For example, smokingthere are obvious negative effects to smoking. Will those be part of the experience when you smoke a cigarette, in the virtual world
Like with everything that we do in Red Light Center, we make an effort to ensure that there arent negative effects. Really, its an argument for why using substances in Red Light Center is an enhancement over the real world. I think if anything, it will dissuade people from using these drugs in the real world. For example, we have a Sober button. So, if at any time, you decide that you need your avatar to be straight, you just hit a button and its straight. After users have had that experience several times, if they then turn around and experiment in the real world, and realize that, oh, s, in the real world, theres no Sober button, it may pull them back to just wanting to use these drugs virtually.
But at the same time, its not necessarily dissuading them initially from that desire to try it, because youre not really experiencing potential negative effects in the real world.
You know, thats a valid argument. The negative effects are not really portrayed in the virtual world, and theyre therefore an enhancement...
Yeah, and my other point is that peer pressure works, because people dont have experience in being able to stand up and knowledgably decide what they want to do, in the heat of the moment. And after having this virtual crutch as an experience, they can say that theyve encountered peer pressure online, and they can deal with it. If theyre making an affirmative decision, thats different. My personal opinion is that people need to have the freedom to decide what path their life is going to take, and frankly, I think that experimenting with marijuanaI just dont see a downside to it.
Well, laughsthere are certainly substances that have downsides. And again, I think it bolsters peoples ideas of what they want to do when they gain experience, and I think thats what Red Light Centers all about. Giving people experiences halfway between the Internet and the real world, and helping them to experience what those things are like, and deciding whether they really want to try them or not. Once people are making informed decisions, thats the best that we can do. Once theyre educated, theyre equipped to handle things better.
The rave is on . Its at the Fever Night Club, and its being brought to users by Renderotica. Its going to be at PM PDT, and its the world premier of virtual ecstacy.
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Even if you're not big on green living, choosing to use green medicine is good for your health. Green medicine makes use of your body's natural power to fix itself. Applying diet, detoxification, along with nutrients, instead of drugs to reverse serious illness. Avoiding poisonous materials in the environment and choosing to live a clean environmentally friendly lifestyle. Allopathic western medicine treats nearly all disease by using chemical drugs, many of which are highly toxic and have to be used repeatedly whenever the disease recurs.

Standard medicine is necessary in many cases but it does have limitations. The main concern is that each side thinks it is 100% correct in its way of medicine. Numerous individuals have testified about the effectiveness of green medicine in dealing with serious diseases. One problem converting people to using green medicine is that people have to change their lifestyle. Far too many people would rather continue their own bad habits and simply take a pill to be well.

Living green is performed at three distinct levels: personal, local, along with global. Family members need to prepare nourishing and balanced regular meals. Local communities need to maintain your environment clean in workplaces and other public locations. People come together to protect our global surroundings in the global feature of green living. On a personal schedule, we should apply natural supplementation to remain healthy. In order to efficiently fight against disease and maintain health, everyone need to take regular vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutritional elements.

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One common misconception is that fat is a thing that is bad for your health, nevertheless this is not true as some fats are needed for a healthy body. You're going to discover that there are things called essential fatty acids which are necessary for your overall health. With regards to these essential fatty acids you're going to find that they are found in fish oils and they're known as omega 3. If the truth be told you can find omega 3 in other foods other than fish oil, but fish oil is something which is readily available and easy to take.

Something a lot of individuals will wind up doing is mistaking omega 6 for omega 3, and this is really a mistake. I should point out that omega 6 is so bad for you simply because it can result in such things as high blood pressure and heart problems. I should also mention that there's been research done that has proven that folks with a high fish diet are not as likely to have heart disease. You should realize that it's not the fish themselves that reduce these risks but the levels of omega three that men and women are taking in due to the fish.

It is understood that most fish have got very few calories when consumed. Which means eating a great amount of fish can not merely help your heart health but it can additionally help you to remain fit. In relation to medical issues individuals who are at their ideal weight end up having less problems than people that are considered obese or overweight.

Fish oil is also something which has been shown to help individuals with asthma. These studies had been performed on groups of children, one group got a high fish diet, and the other received a normal diet. The end result demonstrated that the children that had a high fish diet were less prone to having asthma attacks and they were able to breathe easier.

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